Photo Credit: Getty Images

Cassidy recently sat down for an interview with and talked about his career. During the conversation, his relationship with R. Kelly came up. For those who don't know, Cassidy and R. Kelly had a hit song together called "Hotel" in 2004. This was during the same time in which Jay-Z and R. Kelly re-joined forces for the "Best of Both Worlds 2". While on tour, R. Kelly and Hov's tension reached a melting point in New York's Madison Square Garden and ended with Kellz getting pepper sprayed by Jay's best friend. 

Referring to that night, Cassidy explains that he was in the building and was supposed to perform with R. Kelly. Before the pepper spraying incident happened, R. Kelly claimed that 2 members of the audience were waving handguns at him. Cass says that after he saw R. Kelly running from the stage, he passed off 2 of the 4 "burners" his group had to Kelly's manager while still inside of the arena. Cass claimed he didn't know Hov or anyone in his circle was involved at the time. Jay-Z addressed Kelly's allegations the next day and said, "That's Madison Square Garden. You cannot get a gun in Madison Square Garden. Does he know where he's at?" Check out the interview with Cassidy here!!