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Even though 50 Cent has been out of the music spotlight for a little, he's still that same 50 that doesn't take people talking ish about him lightly. We all know he has a long wrap sheet of problems with people in the past. This time, his former business partner and record executive Steve Stoute found out first hand what happens when you publicly trash him.

Steve Stoute has been promoting his new documentary called "The Tanning Of America", which is centered around hip hop and its impact on pop culture. According to, when Stoute was asked why he didnt include 50 Cent (over 40 interviews with various people for the documentary.) Stoute's reasoning was because he hasn't changed musically, as well as not having "a hit in a really long time."

Even though that may be true, 50 didn't take to kindly to it and was photographed looking very irritated when confronting Stoute at halftime of the Knicks game. 50 cent has squashed a lot of beef with people over the past year, but can guarantee this feud isn't going anywhere anytime soon.