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A man wearing only boxers and boots and claiming to be  Tupac Shakur attacked at least 14 police cruisers in Philadelphia today (March 12), according to

"He wanted to prove a point that he could actually shut down the police department," police Lt. Paul Hammer said. "We heard the sound of breaking glass," Hammer said. "We went out to investigate to see what was going on and I observed a male in his boxers with a hammer in his hand. By the time we had got to the corner, he had already broken multiple windows and he had been apprehended by one of our other officers.”

The report says that the suspect arrived at the police station at about 5:15 am EST and began swinging an archaeology hammer at the vehicles and the station’s front door. The 31-year-old suspect may face felony criminal mischief charges. And if you were living under a rock, 2 Pac passed away in 1996. Kids, don't do drugs!