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I'm sure there are a lot of women who own a book by Zane. Or maybe you've seen her raunchy show on Cinemax? Well Zane is known for her erotic books, which have placed her on best-sellers list, but these days, that's not the only list she is on. Zane is also on Maryland's list for top individual tax cheat, according to the Washington Post. The successful erotic book writer owes the state of Maryland $340,833.58 in back taxes, which puts her on the tax cheat list. The purpose of the list is to shame tax invaders into paying their debt. Individuals are only put on the list after all other efforts have been exhausted which means that they tried garnishing her wages and placing liens against her property and she still failed to pay! So you mean to tell me with your current erotic show and all of these books, you can't dig into your bank account and knock out these taxes? What's up with celebs these days?