Photo: Splash News

If you've already started watching the new season of Love and Hip Hop New York, you're probably wondering why Peter Gunz is on the show. Yeah, remember him from the song "Uptown." Well he has found a place on the show with his girl, family and a side chick, who is also his artist, Amina Buddafly. Well already in the first show, we've seen a lot of drama that will definitely unfold. But guess why Peter decided to put his relationship on blast with his cheating? He said he was broke and needed the money, according to VH1. But Peter pretty much said he can't be loyal and he knew his girl/babies' mother, Tara, would find out about his cheating so why not get a check from the show since he was broke. Really Peter? Now I really have no respect for this clown! Oh and get this, he said he wasn't proud about it. Boy stop!