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I bet we won't see anymore happy pictures of these two. Now, for all those who didn't know, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey have been separated since May. They have been living in separate homes, according to TMZ. And we all thought it was just a rumor of their split, but Nick actually confirmed the two were living separately. Well TMZ also said when Nick was on a radio show he mentioned the chicks he slept with,  and it pissed Mariah off. But the diva was really pissed when Nick named Kim Kardashian. So his past pissed her off? Well apparently Mariah said Nick takes too many gigs and it keeps him away from the family. Meanwhile, we just heard word that Mariah served a gag order to Nick Cannon so he cannot talk about the divorce at all. If he does speak, there are severe financial penalties. Well damn, Mariah!