Photo Credit: Splash News

So we all know that Ludacris just had a baby by a woman outside of his relationship with girlfriend Eudoxie. Well Tamika Fuller (his child's mother) was asking Luda for 15k a month in child support and the rapper was not having it! He's apparently filing legal documents saying that he's only bringing in about 26k a month, meaning that his child support should only be about $2000 a month! According to TMZ Luda is so serious about this random girl staying out of his pockets that he's now filing for full custody of his new baby girl. That's not all though... he is also asking his baby mama for child support! As of now Fuller has custody of their daughter and Luda is paying her $7k a month, however, the tables may be turning soon. Now usually I try to stay out of child support issues, but Luda knows he is wrong for this!