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Comedy legend Paul Mooney is sick with stage four prostate cancer. According to, the once robust, burly, laughing man now uses a wheelchair and a cane to get around. He's been hiding it well as he continues to travel around the country doing his stand-up comedy routine, only now he can barley stand-up. I actually watched one of his shows and didn't pay attention to the fact that he sat the entire time. He recently made an appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show and if you've seen Paul's comedy, you know he wasn't in his right space. As well as his stand-up comedy, Paul Mooney has written for iconic comedy shows such as Chappelle's Show, The Larry Sanders Show, In Living Color, Pryor's Place, The Richard Pryor Show, Saturday Night Live, Good Times, and Sanford and Son among others. He is considered an elite black comedian and a mentor to many other comedians. We wish Paul Mooney the best.