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If I'm engaged, would I allow my man or woman to go on a paid date? Hell yeah! Get that money! Ha! But for real, remember just last week or so when Kim Kardashian was the date of businessman Richard Lugner for the Opera Ball in Vienna? Well after all that she endured, being approached by a man in black face, then later having the n-word thrown at her and claiming her date was aggressive, Kanye has put an end to that. According to RadarOnline, Kanye told her no more paid dates after all of that went down. Hey, I knew Kanye would be pissed once he got word of what happened. And out of all the money he can give her, she can definitely say no to things like that! And even though Kanye told her no more appearances, you know Kris Jenner may be pissed as well because she gets a percentage from Kim's checks!