Photo: Screenshot from CNN

Oh boy. I can see it now Twitter will definitely be going in on Juror #8 from the Michael Dunn/Jordan Davis case. That's the case where Dunn shot Davis over playing loud music that Dunn didn't like. Juror #8 was the youngest in the jury but she actually said the case wasn't about race. Say word? I think even CNN's Alina Machado was thrown off with that statement. Boy, I tell you, these jurors just need to shut up after the case because when the media gets to them, they say the most stupid things. Take for example the juror from the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case, who said, after the innocent verdict, that Zimmerman walked away with murder. I'm done. In the meantime, Florida is requesting a May date for a retrial. Take a listen to this chick!