Photo: Splash News

We all know what a side chick is. But recently, rumors were flying around about Jay Z having one and cheating on Beyonce. Reality TV star (BRAVO's Princesses:Long Island), Casey Cohen, is in the process of clearing her name as Jay Z's supposed side chick or "mistress," according to The YBF. After that whole elevator brawl between Solange and Jay Z, people have been speculating the tension started over news of Jay cheating and since then, many media outlets have been naming Casey as the woman he's been having an affair with. But she denies everything and is now filing lawsuits with her lawyer against those media outlets that published the alleged affair. She's even demanding a public apology from the media outlets for not only herself but Jay and Bey. Now let's be honest, if she was his side chick, I'd think she'd be milking this thing, or the couple for money. Wait, is that what's really happening? Let me stop before she decides to sue me, too.