Earlier this morning, I took to twitter to pretty much say Congress reminds me of the kids in the playground who can't agree on the kickball and just leave the game. That's pretty much what happened last night. Congress couldn't agree on the terms of President Obama's health care act and the funding bill. It has been a long-running dispute over Obamacare, according to 6 ABC. And that means there are about 800,000 federal workers who are on unpaid leave right now. Even though government has been effected the health care law wasn't and marketplaces have opened today for people to enroll and get affordable health insurance.

President Barack Obama said in a speech the shutdown isn't about a fiscal budget, but the problem is about rolling back the efforts to affordable health coverage. He said the healthcare law is here to stay. The GOP shutdown didn't need to happen. Yes, I agree.  He urged House GOP to reopen the government. But he does even warn there are going to be some sign up glitches, as he encourages you to sign up for health coverage and why it's important. He said he will not give in to "reckless demands from the Republicans" if it will benefit everyday Americans. He said he will not let Americans take the blame for the debt the government has already accumulated, in so many words. And all of this because there was no decision on the budget for the ACA. He told the government to pay its bills and stop putting Americans through this mess. Congress has to stop governing by crisis.


But just in case you are worried about a few things, let's break it down: National parks will be closed, including the Statue of Liberty, even Philadelphia's Independence National Historical Park. Even WIC will be suspended. The FDA will suspend food inspections. Wow, you really need to be careful with your food, especially since we don't know how long this shutdown can go on. But for a full list of what's changing, check out 6 ABC. Are you worried about the shutdown? 

Chart courtesy of USA Today