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Rapper Cam'ron is making a come back! But we're not talkin about music, instead he's entering fashion, and not just any fashion but he's trying something different. Hip Hop Wired is reporting that Cam is unveiling a new line of capes! You're probably thinking cape as in superhero/Superman-style. Not quite, but kind of. It's not a superhero cape, instead it's more of a warm-weather type of cape. Cam'ron debuted the line while walking in designer, Mark McNairy's show during New York Fashion Week. Cam'ron has teamed with Mark for the style capes.  We're not too sure how this trend will stick with the fellas, but we sure are curious. Okay, to be honest, I can see some of our more eclectic rappers rocking this look, such as Kanye, Pharrell, and even A$AP Rocky!