Photo: YouTube

A South Carolina woman who drove her minivan into an ocean with her three kids has been charged. The family was in Daytona Beach, where the event happened when two men saw her children yelling out of the window, "Help! My Mom is trying to kill us." The two men and lifeguards rescued the children ages 3, 9 and 10. At first the woman was taken to a hospital for a mental evaluation but wasn't charged after the incident. Initially her sister called two hours prior to this, saying her sister was talking crazy and when police showed up, the mother told police she was going to check herself into a domestic violence shelter for fear of her husband hurting her and the kids. Then this craziness happened. Well according to CNN it was just decided that this was a criminal act and the woman was charged with three counts of first degree attempted murder and three counts of child abuse! As she should be! How do you drive your family into an ocean and thinks it's normal? Here's video footage of the event. WARNING: the video is a bit disturbing.