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Wanted rapper Joe Budden seems to be playing a game of "catch me if you can" on social media.  Budden's Twitter account has been bustling with activity and taunting statements, ever since the NYPD posted a tweet Saturday morning seeking the public's help in finding him. 

The rapper, best known for his 2003 hit "Pump It Up," is accused of beating his girlfriend outside of a restaurant last Sunday.  Pictures posted on TMZ last week showed bruised limbs of a woman the website said was Budden's girlfriend. 

After the NYPD posted its tweet, Budden seemed to address his wanted status tweeting things like:

He even posted a video of himself participating in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge featuring a friend who called the rapper "the fugitive" in the clip. 

Budden says police raided his home last week but did not detain him.  According to New York Magazine, his lawyer also released a statement saying her client is asking for "patience" as the evidence and facts unfold and that Budden has "fully cooperated with the investigation." 

Photo: Getty Images