Next on Deck is Power 99's new artists series hosted by Mina SayWhat. B. Smyth hit the stage to talk with Mina SayWhat as he continues his promo tour for his new EP The Florida Files; which you can download on iTunes here. Before hitting the stage to perform 2 new songs, B. Smyth and Mina SayWhat discussed his new project and single which features Future "Win Win", musical influences growing up, the excitement he feels seeing his rapid fan growth, dance moves, and the preperation behind his first album. Peep the full video interview below.

B. Smyth Teaches Mina SayWhat A Few Dance Moves

Live Performance: B. Smyth "Win Win" 

Live Performance: B. Smyth "Letter"

About: B. Smyth is a R&B singer/songwriter who got his start as one of millions of artists uploading YouTube videos of himself covering other artists' songs at the age of 17. His smooth style drew comparisons to established acts like Chris Brown and Usher, and before long his impressive video view counts had B. Smyth performing at various showcases, and eventually lead to a record deal. His debut single for the label, "Leggo" (featuring 2 Chainz), dropped later that year and quickly racked up millions of video views and radio spins throughout the country. Follow B. Smyth on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@TheRealBSmyth) and be sure to check out for his new projects, because this singer/dancer is NextOnDeck.

Video: B. Smyth Featuring 2 Chainz "Leggo"