Power 99′s Mina SayWhat from the Rise N Grind Morning Show has started a dance team for Power 99.  The team is called the “Power Squad” and it’s purpose is to facilitate a mentorship program between Mina and college and high school ladies with an interest in dance. The participants must maintain a GPA average of 2.3 and above to stay on the team and they perform at Power 99 events.

I decided to start this group because it’s important for these young ladies to have guidance in this stage of their lives. It’s a shame that schools are closing in Philly and after school programs are also being cut across the tri-state because of budget issues. When i was in school there were many organizations, sports teams, dance teams and programs to participate in after school with good role models leading these organizations. I myself played basketball, volleyball, softball all through high school and I was on a dance team in grade school and through college. I learned so much from being a part of those organizations. I want to help these ladies grow, learn, mature and stay focused on what’s important – one dance practice at a time.”

Check this performance out below and get more of the Power Squad HERE 

For more info email Power99DanceSquad@gmail.com